After over a decade in the DJ business, Logan has had the opportunity to work at all types of events- Making sure that each unique event receives the personal attention it deserves. After a few years in the industry Logan saw a need for a different type of entertainments company. He saw the need for one that would steer away from the cookie cutter events and show clients they CAN have a different experience than all the other events they’ve attended.

Throughout the course of Logan’s college years attending Western Michigan University, he spent his weekends behind the decks entertaining the local nightlife. When asked why he wanted to be a DJ he said, “I’ve always been a Dj.. even before i knew it. I was always the guy to come to for music.” Today Logan is the founder of Luxx Entertainment and a rising youTube personality in the DJ industry.

This is How We Do It- Montell Jordan, September- Earth Wind & Fire


2000’s Hip Hop, Indie, Dominic Fike, The 1975, Justin Timberlake, Top 40, Rush, AC/DC,


AKA DJ Lostax

Logan Smith